High-performance family medicine

Medway offers turnkey management services for family doctors practicing in medical clinics. Our strength lies in collaborative management with our physician groups. Our medical clinics are designed and built to maximize the productivity of the medical practice. We oversee the management and performance of the clinic and promote the facilities for the specialists working with the family medicine group (FMG).

By providing sound management of human, financial and material resources, we greatly reduce the administrative burden on physicians, allowing them to focus fully on their practice. This way, patients can readily access a physician or other specialist, and we help improve the performance of the health care system.

Our proud medical clinic partners:



“I’ve co-owned two clinics and been a tenant, so I’m in a good position to compare my experience with a managed practice. With Groupe Medway, I’ve been able to offload so many tasks (admin, staff management, hiring, facility management, supplies, etc.) and dedicate more of my time to medical practice itself. Thanks to Medway, I’ve been an FMG lead physician for over seven years.”

Dre Anne-Edith Desrosiers, FMG lead physician

“The modern, state-of-the-art facilities of Groupe Medway’s medical clinics, as well as their amazing administrative staff, create an optimal working environment for our medical team and a pleasant experience for our patients.”

Dre Andréanne Dussault, FMG doctor

“My relationship with Groupe Medway began when the company took over management of the Donnacona medical centre with the goal of relocating it to the new Donnacona health complex. Right away, we were taken in hand by the Medway team, and we forged a strong bond. The move was planned down to the last detail, and we all felt supported through every step of the process.

Even with my many years of experience, moving to the new medical centre and adapting to my new position and my new tools took me out of my comfort zone. But from the very beginning, I felt like I was in good hands. I was also able to look to my peers, the other Medway medical clinic coordinators, for advice. I have gotten to know and am still getting to know this wonderful family, and I am so pleased and proud to be a part of it.”

Louise Pelusso, medical centre coordinator

“I’m excited to work for a wonderful thriving company that continually strives to excel and always encourages its employees. Medway is truly appreciative of the work we do on the ground. I moved up quickly within the company from secretary to coordinator. I am fortunate to be able to share and talk to the coordinators of other clinics to improve or develop our existing processes. Teamwork is at the core of everything we do and, as a bonus, the atmosphere at work is great.”

Nancy Béchard, medical centre coordinator


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